Peg Martinez

Peg Martinez (aka Square Peg) is a native New Orleanian who recently rekindled her passion for woodworking. As a child, her father had a well-equipped workshop in the attic, but this was his off-limits, sacred playground. Of course, forbidden equals appealing, making it the place where she most wanted to go. Not knowing what to be when she grew up and not thinking about how she might pay the rent, Peg majored in Art History in college. Galleries and museums did not knock down her door with job offers upon graduation. So she got a job in an art supply store where she learned the art of picture framing. Finally, an opportunity to work with tools! She worked for various galleries in the French Quarter and created her own small frame shop in the back of her apartment. She ultimately switched gears and pursued a Masters Degree in Social Work, putting her table saw and drill aside. Years went by as she worked in an inpatient psychiatric unit.

And then, Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area. Searching for something to feel positive and passionate about, Peg returned to her workshop. She began creating wooden boxes combining multiple hardwoods of different color and grain to create geometric designs that provide both visual interest and practical function. Peg now exhibits at local and national art festivals, and has pieces at several New Orleans museum shops and galleries.