Paul and Sue Troyano

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“Trees are one of our most valued resources. Trees provide shelter from sun and wind as well as adding oxygen to air we breathe while taking up carbon dioxide.

So if they must come down from storms or age, I would like to give the wood new life either creating bowls or making  furniture. I have been able to make my own lumber from these local trees and air dry the boards so they are ready to use for furniture and furnishings.

Louisiana has a good variety of trees to choose from. Whether I am shaping furnishings from local trees that have been taken down or building furniture, I prefer these local woods, as they contain a wide range of beauty and work-ability. Pecan, magnolia, cherry, pear, camphor, mulberry, cypress and cedar are some favorites.

A table is a surface suspended above the ground by definition. So how would Nature hold a table? I try to build tables that imitate Nature’s designs, asymmetrical and unique as tree branches, because I see Nature around us is God’s expression to us. Most of my pieces use laminations. My table legs use 1/8 thin strips of wood, which are glued together so they can be shaped and bent into Nature’s designs. Then they are sculpted into these shapely table legs or a lamp.”

- Paul Troyano