Erin Gesser

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Jewelry Designer
GetInline-6Erin is a Louisiana native and contemporary jewelry artist.  A class at her alma mater, Southern Methodist University, transformed her life when she realized she could draw & sculpt.  From then on she felt that no day was complete without creating something beautiful.

Upon returning to Louisiana she continued an artistic journey that has taken her through designing children’s clothing & painting customized porcelain wall tiles.  Her venture into porcelain painting and, ultimately, jewelry design, led to numerous first-place awards in these categories.  Her passion for creating wearable art in the form of jewelry led her to study at metal-smithing schools throughout the US & Italy.

Erin’s techniques include forging & hand fabrication.  All of her work is assembled & finished by herself in her studio, where the attached courtyard provides a calm and soothing atmosphere for her creations.   She likes to express herself with a large palette of materials to create elegant, wearable art in the form of jewelry.  She prefers working with sterling silver, fine silver, precious & semi-precious gemstones.  In addition, she often incorporates Keum-boo, an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of 24kt gold foil to fine silver.