Chip Tipton

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Statement: Working in clay appeals to me at several levels: the purely sculptural aspects to the artist, the challenge of balancing form and function to the problem solver and the primal act of centering (both myself and the clay) to the spiritual.

Subtle, complex curves and the potential spareness of a simple, elegant vessel intrigue me. Many of the pieces I prize most are quiet, gracefully steady ones that achieve a balance between movement and stillness. More recently I have begun to attend to the surfaces, exploring new glazes, impressing hand-carved stamps and other ways of “making marks” in the clay.

Artist Bio: New Orleanian by choice for 20 years now, Chip Tipton was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where his earliest clay instruction came from Ms. Gingold. After four years and a degree in Comparative Literature from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, he moved to New Orleans where he studied clay under raku potter Charlie Bohn. Subsequently he studied with Alex and Cindy Williams of Potsalot (New Orleans), Mark Derby of Derbie Pottery and wood-firing Merrie Boerner of Hog Chain Drive fame.

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