Barbara Roberds

2-D Mixed Media

I have always been a recycler.  My photographic images find a home in the pieces of architectural debris that I recover.  My functional pieces make organization an art.   In the past I frequented salvage stores; but now I am fortunate enough to have materials brought to me by friends and patrons of the arts who have a similar interest in saving discarded treasures.

Screen doors are my favorite architectural element.  Like clotheslines, they represent an earlier and simpler time.  I have screen doors on my house, I photograph screen doors, and I make frames from discarded ones.

My eye is drawn to familiar images.  Fragments of pleasing visuals filling my daily surroundings.  Many of my architectural subjects are in the city I love and consider home — New Orleans.  Now, as a member of the New Orleans Northshore community, I am developing a taste for the simple small town scenes much like the ones that surrounded me in my childhood days.

To ensure that my art lasts as long as the salvage pieces that frame it, I use a polymer or acrylic technique that is waterproof and resistant to moisture.  In our climate here in Louisiana, we can appreciate that quality.