Visiting Artist Rachel David and Red Metal


RHINO Gallery is honored to present works by local blacksmith Rachel David through the end of September 18th.  An opening reception will be held on Aug 11 from 6-8.

Rachel says of herself and her work, “I am a blacksmith artist making hand forged sculpture, architectural elements and furniture. I strive to create work that invites the viewer’s touch with a tactile, appealing surface. Fashioning organic, botanical and geometric forms I use abstract and contemporary aesthetics to achieve my goal of creating timeless art. As a blacksmith I heat steel, stainless and other malleable metals to their plastic point in a forge, and hammer it to the desired shape. I work to push this ancient craft to new boundaries, crafting new methods, built on the old to realize my ideas. My goal is to create art that is beautiful and encourages the viewer to respond emotionally.

Since moving to New Orleans 10 years ago I have reacted artistically to a series of both life- affirming and tragically traumatic events, both local and international, Hurricane Katrina, years of wars, economic collapse, the financial crisis, the BP oil spills, and the regeneration of Southern Louisiana. I have thought a lot about how these changes pertain to my life. My response as an artist has been to have develop a vocabulary of forms. I use the processes of forging as the building blocks of my symbolism using space, line, mass and void to create forms conveying my reaction to these events and the surrounding circumstances. I heat the material to stretch it, to split and rejoin it, to put a hole in it or to make it more massive. All of these operations carry a deep symbolism in my art and they are carefully developed to convey emotions. Forms express fear, protectiveness, sensuality, violence, inward reflection, support and communication. I use repetition and pattern to drive and expand on the reaction I am trying to convey often returning to these forms and themes over several years.”

Her work is now on display at RHINO Gallery or more info can be found on her website at